Guide how to use smartCV application

Open smartCV

1. Choose a template


This view will open when you start the application for the first time. You can browse between ready-made templates by clicking the arrow buttons. These arrow buttons are on the sides, but at the figure above you can see only the arrow button, arrow-button, on the right. This is due to the reason that the first template is selected and there is not available templates before to choose on the left side.

You are able to edit the chosen template by selecting the use-button-button. This opens the chosen (larger compared to the others) template for you on the editor view.

If you are not willing to utilise the ready-made templates you are also able to start from the scratch by selecting new-button-button from the menu bar. This however can require more time and effort from your side, because you are obligated to add all the necessary elements by yourself.

2. Modify the template and add your information

You will see the options for one element by hoovering your mouse over the wanted element. For every element there exists own arrow buttons, which enables you to change the element's position respect to the other elements in your resume. There is also a remove button, if you want to delete chosen element from your resume. Both remove and arrow buttons are located on the right side of the element. Clicking the element gives you other options to modify the chosen element. You are now able to change the information that element contains, but also change the chosen color and font themes in that element.

edit-element Edit a single element.

You can add a whole new element by add-button-button. You find the button under the other elements except at the header where the add button can be found right side of the header.

Your resume's general outlook can be easily modified by using the theme panel. The theme panel is on the left side of the working view and it will appear by clicking the theme-button-button.

On the right side of the working view there is four different icons:

  1. done-button-button set all elements to done.
  2. preview-button-button navigates you to a preview view where you are able to download the resume to your computer.
  3. save-button-button opens the save window which makes it possible for you to continue your work later on. The save functionality requires an account.
  4. clear-button-button removes all the elements and you may start from the scratch. Please notice that the unsaved changes will be lost.

You can navigate back to the browse view by browse-button-button.

When your resume is ready to be downloaded move to the preview view by selecting the preview-button-button.

editor-view theme-panel Theme panel is visible.

3. Download the ready resume


Navigate to this view by preview-button-button on editor view (previous step). Here you may preview your resume. In this view you are not able to edit your resume however.

You will find the following buttons on the left side of this view:

  1. back-button-button navigates you back to the editor view.
  2. pdf-button-button downloads the file in the PDF form.
  3. image-button-button downloads the file as an image (png format).

Please notice that the downloaded files location depends on your browser settings. For example with the Windows operating system the default location is the Downloads-folder.